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StudyBlue is an online tool for students, faculty and even staff, who work with students, that makes learning more accessible. StudyBlue allows faculty to create flashcards, quizzes, and other easy-to-use tools to make studying easier for students. Since learning is moving into the digital age, why not advance studying as well.

StudyBlue is easy to set up. Faculty members can create classes of information for student use to study with. Students can then join classes of information and study terms, diagrams, slides, text descriptions and even quiz themselves. This tool even allows for student collaboration. Students can upload information related to the course to better assist students in studying and prepping for tests and exams.

StudyBlue is dedicated to being where students need them to be. This niche allows StudyBlue to be available for mobile devices via the iOS and Android operating systems, MACs and PCs and tablets as well. If you know of a student who is having difficulty studying, StudyBlue may be the solution to their problem.

Visit their website for more information: StudyBlue

Watch StudyBlue’s Why We Study video here.

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