Technology Assistants’ Corner

Technology Assistants are important in both the Library & STICC lab.  They provide software assistance to those visiting these areas.  This semester we highlight Marcus Hopkins whose Major is Computer Information Systems.

HopkinsM4  2013Dec

What made you decide to attend Marygrove?

What made me attend Marygrove was their ability to make me feel right at home.  The friendly people and staff made it an easy transition from high school into college.  Also by me receiving an athletic scholarship and an academic scholarship made my choice a much easier one.

What has been your favorite class at Marygrove?

C++ has been my favorite class at Marygrove.  The reason being is because I am learning computer programming and it is very challenging.  The satisfaction that I receive when I am learning is exciting and the fact that I understand it by teaching myself just amazes me.

Describe your best moment at Marygrove.

The best moment that I had at Marygrove College was when I had broken the Men’s basketball all-time leading scorer record which was in place for over a decade.  The record was broken at Madonna University when it happened and when the crowd cheered, it was very exciting to hear.

What other activities are you involved with at Marygrove?

I am an assistant for the Men’s basketball team and I also help with tutoring for student support services.

Why do you like working in Technology?

The reason that I like working in Technology is because the world is moving more and more towards the use of technology.  That being said, I always wanted to be tech savvy which is the reason why my major is in CIS.

What do you like best about the position you’re in now?

What I like best about my position is the ability to help people when they don’t have a clue what to do.  I enjoy hearing people thank me for being able to solve their computer problems.

What’s your earliest or funniest memory of using technology?

My earliest memory of using technology was when I was about ten years old and my parents purchased me a desktop computer.  Ever since then I have been really interested in the usage of computers and technology.  I am a really big video game fan.

What is your favorite software program? Why?

My favorite software is Cyber Link Video.  Reason being is because I have a beautiful little girl that I love to capture and edit memories that I record of her and our family.

Any “Words of Wisdom” for students?

Work hard at everything that you do, whether it’s school, a job, or a sport.  The harder you work, the more people will notice you.  The more people notice you, the easier it is to become successful.

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