Announcing ETS Live!

Those of you who are familiar with the print version of our departmental newsletter “The Marygrove Monitor”, may remember the “Faculty Spotlight” column where interviews with faculty were conducted to learn how they were using technology to enhance teaching and learning.  I am happy to announce that the Faculty Spotlight column has been transformed to a show called ETS LIVE! This transformation will enable us to do two important things. First it will allow us to showcase and discuss faculty use of technology in an engaging, interactive way and second, it will enable us to provide valuable hands-on experiences to our student interns who are responsible for filming, editing, and producing all ETS Live! segments.

Professor of Business, Theodora “Teddie” Williams has agreed to be the guest on our inaugural show.  I hope you enjoy watching ETS Live!, learn new ways to use technology in your courses, and that you will consider being a guest on the show. We’d love to have you!

ETS Live!, Episode 1: Theodora Williams

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