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Just as its name implies and the image (far right) illustrates, SharePoint is an online collaboration space that provides a central storage area for files, data, and concepts. It is used as a base point of contact that can be accessed at any time. SharePoint is a Microsoft product that has been in existence since 2001.

Information posted to Share-Point can be placed in privately accessible areas or public are-as that are accessible to any-one. There are also restricted areas where only individuals who are given permission can view these folders or documents.Information is stored in Share-Point using sites, work-spaces, and document libraries. Sites are containers for data such as web pages and lists and may also be used as secure places for groups to collaborate on data stored there. Work-spaces function like sites but they may be created in Word or Outlook. Usually work-spaces are created to have a short shelf life to work on a specific document or for a meeting. Once its usefulness has expired the contents of the workspace are published and the workspace is deleted. Document libraries are lists of files; the libraries not only provide storage for the files but also serve as a collaboration area for individuals and teams to work on them. Besides storing documents, libraries can also contain pictures, forms, and wikis.

Access to a web browser is needed to use SharePoint. Microsoft Internet Explorer is recommended and, in fact, additional features are available when a Microsoft Office product is used with Share-Point. In addition, server space is also necessary to install and run SharePoint.

SharePoint is a valuable tool developed to assist those who need to collaborate with others from a distance. It is extremely useful because it provides the user with anytime access, any-where you have an internet connection. For more information visit the SharePoint Help area of the Microsoft Of-fice website.

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