Microsoft Live@edu

Live@edu is a web-based version of the Microsoft Outlook email program, and is scheduled to be in place for students soon. It will allow students to move their work outside the classroom and learn some of the same technologies used in the work-place. The features offered are similar to those currently used in Zimbra Email: Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks. One added feature is Microsoft Office WebApps, which works to allow collaboration.

Web Apps are an online companion to Microsoft Office 2010 applications. They allow the user to make light edits, access some of the same formatting and editing tools that are in the full application, and work in a familiar editing environment. However, unlike the complete Office 2010 software, Web Apps are free!

For users with a Windows Live ID, such as a Hotmail or MSN account, the individual Office Web App files can be shared with others through Windows Live/SkyDrive. To share a file, it must be put in a folder, which is then shared by sending a link to the file or by setting sharing permissions on the file. For additional information on Web Apps, visit and search “Web Apps” for documents and videos.

Currently, documents saved to My Documents are only available when users are on campus. The introduction of cloud-based storage will allow students access to their documents, even when they are off campus. The current storage capacity is 25GB and should allow for easy access to search and find things. Watch for updates from the Marygrove IT Department about the switch to Live@edu as the changeover date approaches.

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