Listen Up! Download Journal Articles as Audio Files

You listen to music, you listen to podcasts, you (hopefully) listen to your professors. But when it comes to journal articles, your only option was to read them — until now!

While some people absorb and retain information best when they read it, others benefit from hearing it instead. If you’re one of those people, or if you just think it would be really convenient to listen to articles while you’re driving, jogging, or lounging in a comfy chair in the back of the Marygrove Library, check out the audio options in some of our databases.

Both the OmniFile Select and Academic OneFile databases allow you to either a.) listen to a full-text article directly from the database site or b.) download the audio file as an mp3. And there are some very helpful (and fun) options to improve your listening experience. For example, both databases allow you to select from three reading speeds. Plus (and I think this is so cool!) in the new version of OmniFile Select that launches February 1st, articles can be read to you in either an American, British, or Australian accent!

So the next time you pull up full text journal articles in Academic OneFile or OmniFile Select, make sure there’s an option for HTML full text (as opposed to PDF), and look for the international symbol for “listen.”

As always, feel free to ask one of the librarians for assistance. Then you can open your ears to open your mind.

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